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Google Launches ‘Google for Creators‘ Platform to Provide Guidance on Digital Content Strategies. Google’s looking to play a bigger role in fueling the burgeoning creator economy with a new platform designed to help creators maximize their efforts.

To help creators make their mark in a large ocean of talents, Google has launched Google for Creators, a platform to educate all kinds of content creators—whether they’re artists, photographers, or bloggers—and offer the tools to grow their reach.

Rather than seeing the saturated World Wide Web as a challenge, the community taps into the web’s resources and ability to propel work to a larger but targeted audience. The site features an array of tools to capture attention, like Google’s ‘Web Stories’ feature, a way to style content in a visually engaging manner—somewhat like how Instagram Stories work. “So far, we’ve seen more than 20 million Web Stories published, giving creators full control to monetize, host and share their content,” Google shares in a blog post.

If you need a little boost in direction, the Google for Creators quiz offers personalized suggestions with topics suited to your preferences, like suggestions to develop a new content strategy and monetize your content.

The platform also includes videos introducing you to other creators and their success strategies to keep you inspired. Google for Creators started as a YouTube channel, so there’d already been plenty of substance at the website’s launch. There are clips on tackling creative burnout and getting quality sleep, among several others.


Importantly, the community guides creators into harnessing what it knows best: getting content out there. “On our new website, you can learn about Google products that help you understand your audience and grow your presence online,” Google explains. One such tool is ‘Search Console Insights’, where creators can glance at performance data and insights in a single place to quickly make their next decision.

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