Good Things Come To Those Who….

By March 19, 2018Blogposts

Well the old saying goes “Good things come to those who wait” BUT WAIT when was this written? WHY was this written? WHO was this written to? All questions that I believe have long passed us by for today, we are largely a group of humans that decides it DESERVES everything good, rather than going out to find the good things! We sit back and moan about the fact that no one gives us respect, or that no one knows who we are, well, it has to stop, NOW!

Recently I watched an AMAZING video someone shared on Facebook. It was a wild kingdom type of video with animals of course. A Jaguar named “Scarface” was wandering along the river banks of crocodile infested waters. The narrator started telling the story about how deadly the crocodiles are in the water, I mean, rightly so. But you know what happened? That Jaguar jumped INTO the water and dragged a crocodile right out BY THE NECK!!!

This video has seriously changed my life. Think about it, that jaguar could have sat on that river bank all year, waiting for food to pass by, but he would have starved to death! Instead he had to jump in, risky, YES, but it was survival! He won, he survived. We all can learn a hell of a lot from this Jaguar named Scarface!

How often do we sit back waiting for something good to pass by, sure it COULD happen, but you also COULD win the lottery! Actually you still have to buy a ticket even if you want to win the lottery, so you still have to do SOMETHING! People LISTEN, it’s time to do SOMETHING, jump in, risk it, AND PULL THAT CROCODILE OUT BY THE NECK!!! It could be the best move you make all year long!

By Mark Pavelich President CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing 

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