Good business starts with a good team

By June 8, 2016Blogposts, Uncategorized

To have a truly successful team you have to create a culture of leadership. You must train your coworkers or your staff to always first try to avoid problems and second to always search for a solution when they do come up, whatever it takes to keep the customer happy is a mindset everyone that’s in business needs to have.

We live in the Experience Economy meaning that for you to have an edge over your competitors you must create a WOW factor for them to want to come back. The customer has to be taken on a journey from start to finish when dealing with your brand or service.

Explain to your team that everyone must have a CEO’s mindset; your team members should always be looking for solutions to cut costs and grow sales and your business will thrive.

Great ways to improve your company’s culture is:

  • Have routines & rituals. It could be Monday Morning Meetings which can set the tone for the week. It could be something fun like Cake Fridays where every Friday someone brings a cake and you share it before the weekend. Any routine or rituals to one, add value to the business and two to create a bond between co-workers, keeping your team happy is a vital factor to your success.
  • Incentives, parties, rewards, competition. It’s a great idea to reward hard work and most importantly results, this can be bonuses in the way of cash, trips, special items and more. Don’t forget to celebrate accomplishments, and don’t be shy to create friendly competition with incentives.
  • Open Door Policy. Your team should never be scared to bring up ideas, to inquire or to criticize the direction the business is going in. Be open to have discussions and have brainstorming sessions because you never know who’s going to have the next break through idea. Make sure your company has a mission statement that is backed with integrity and intention.
  • This is super important, continued education will make or break your business, you have to evolve, change and become better than yesterday, and this statement applies to both your business & personal life. The more your team improves the more your company profits.
  • Don’t be shy to tell your team why you’re so passionate about your brand, don’t be shy to talk about your history, your vision, and the WHY you do what you do.

Try these tips to build a bond with your team; you’re as strong as your weakest link. Your team will define your business, see the potential in people and help them be the best version of themselves with proper company culture.

Written by: Dave Pavelich