Five Points To Bettering Your Life

By January 17, 2019Blogposts

Would you rather make mistakes, and need to be forgiven, or make none and be forgotten?

Your desk is cluttered.  Last year’s calendar acts as a scribble pad, covered in coffee rings and incomplete checklists.  You have Post-It notes cascading across your monitor, and there’s so much clutter, that it’s a wonder you’re even able to focus on a task at hand, with the distractions you have.  The desk needs to be cleaned, because it’s the start of change.  It’s a metaphor for cleaning up the clutter in your professional life. 

Many experts suggest making your bed is the single most important thing you can do in the morning.  It readies you for the day, sure, but what it really does, is sets a precedent for the rest of your day.  You finish things.  That’s you, Mr. Completion.  You focus on the details.  It’s the first of many accomplishments for the day, and you can check it off of your list of things to do.  This is a metaphor for cleaning up your personal life.

If you don’t take care of some of these things, no matter how minor  they may seem, you’re setting yourself up for failure. 

To simplify things, here’s an easy list of things you should focus on, to get your life back on track.  Since we live in a world of top fives, here’s a list of  5 things you should focus on.  Immediately!

1)   De-Clutter

Quality over quantity.  Evaluate your friendships. Spend more time with those who truly value you, motivate you and provide you with positivity. Thinning the phone book out a little may not be such a bad thing.  You’ll build stronger relationships with more suitable and amicable people.

Get rid of the junk.  You probably have old CD’s in boxes, taking up space for the day you finally make the time to catalogue them.  You might have an overflow of clothing piling up, with no space to store it.  Subscribe to Apple Music or Spotify and get rid of the CD’s.  It’s a digital world.  Sell them, and make a few dollars you can put to better use, like throwing a party for friends, investing or even towards your new music subscription service.  You can hire a stylist to organize your wardrobe and help you sift through the timeless pieces, and those that should’ve be left in the past. 

Clean up your finances while you’re at it.  The more organized you are, the less you’ll waste, as you’ll have a better inventory of your current household items.  Moreover, when you’re happier and busier in life, you’ll be less likely to want to fill the void with impulse buys.  Reduce your depreciating assets by selling them, and increase your purchasing power and liquid capital. 

2) Goal Setting

Dream boards and other visuals are helpful tools to keep you on task.  Tell others of your intentions, as they’ll be more likely to help you with the achieving them.  This will lead you to the next step

3) Keeping Yourself Honest

Have you taken an inventory of your accomplishments, setbacks, and goals?  Do you know why you’re where you are and are you fair with your assessments?  Do you honestly believe yourself when you build yourself up publicly as a fitness monster, who worries about what he puts into his body?  Do you tell people regularly that you’re “crushing it”?  Well—- are you?  Don’t be ashamed of being realistic with your place in life.  You won’t be able to receive a proper diagnosis, unless you’re honest with the symptoms.

4) Balance

You can’t work all the time.  You can’t think about work all the time.  You need to decompress.  Whether it’s spiritual, a massage, or a bit of you time, you need it.  Take time for yourself.  Don’t ever extend, or you’ll burn out

5) Make Moves

No matter how small the steps may be, you need to act.  NOW.  Do something.  Each day, plan to accomplish one thing.  Push your boundaries of comfort and venture out into new waters. 

Even if you’re not completing something today, if you’re simply getting the ball rolling— that’s a start! 
Register for a class, source out new prospects, schedule coffee meetings with a life coach or mentor… do something.  Momentum is everything.  

If you don’t do these five things, there’s a greater possibility that you most likely never will.  Invest in yourself.  No one else will, until you do.  Let’s go

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