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Suiting for both men and women is no longer the fashion standard for today’s workplace. However, this does not mean that it does not matter what men and women wear to the workplace.

What you wear determines your image. People that dress better are treated better in the workplace. They get more responsibility and much more respect. Here are the fashion tips for both men and women in the workplace.

Be careful with the business casual wear

Since it is casual, it is not free for all. Do not wear those flip-flops, do not let your tattoo be seen and do not come with jeans to the workplace. Instead, think of tailored trousers and long-sleeve shirts for men and tops for the ladies. Jackets also add some authority in men.

 Avoid too much of everything 

“Women should avoid wearing too much of everything. They should not wear too much fragrance, or clothes that are too tight in the wrong places”, advises Mark Pavelich CEO, The Mark Consulting & Marketing. “Men too should take care to ensure that they come to work shaven with clean shoes.” And gentlemen get yourself a decent watch, once and for all. “The casual clothing that goes for the poker night is a no-no for the workplace.”

Avoid showing too much skin 

Do not be too sexy for the office. Inappropriate dressing distracts everyone in the office and may give off an inaccurate impression. Avoid the micro hemlines, heels that are too tall, necklines that are plunging and exposing your undergarments. This does not mean that the clothing should reach your ankles. Get skirts and dresses that are of a comfortable length.

Avoid ankle socks when wearing slacks

When seated, your pants lift up slightly. However, when they do, your leg skin should not be showing. Wear socks that are of an appropriate length.

Facial air should be well cut

Men, it does not mean that you have to be shaven clean. However, your facial hair should not overwhelm your face. Consider the shape of you face when you need to sport that beard, moustache or take a particular cut. Ensure that your hairstyle agrees with the shape of your head and face.

Finally, good dressing goes with proper hygiene. Take a shower every day, brush your teeth, and press your clothing before leaving for work. In fact, the cleaner and the smarter you look, the more organized you tend to be with your work. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true.

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