Facebook and Still on the Rise for your Business

By May 4, 2016Blogposts

If your marketing manager has never talked to you about Facebook marketing, you should fire him immediately.  With over 1.65 billion users, Facebook is a serious audience to target. As the king of social networks, the opportunities presented by Facebook continue to grow each day.

You may also have considered Facebook marketing but failed to make head or tail of the whole thing, or wondered if there will be any returns for the effort. What makes Facebook marketing tick and why shouldn’t you ignore it?


1.65 billion is a big number by any standards. When it comes to business, it is a goldmine. Getting just a minute percentage of this market can mean big business. These users spend an average of 35 minutes on Facebook daily, giving you ample exposure time.  as opposed to traditional media, you are guaranteed of repeated exposure to known numbers instead of throwing out marketing content in the wild.


Facebook allows you to make a highly targeted campaign. You target by location, demographics, and interests and so on. This is highly beneficial to your business as marketing can then be driven by content that appeals to the target market best.  For example  If you are a local pizzeria near a university, Facebook will let you make an advert targeting people who are students within 5 km of your business who will get discounts on showing student IDs


Unlike traditional media where feedback is hard to come by, Facebook gives your audience to give instant feedback to your content. with Like and Reaction buttons, Facebook users are able to show their feelings about your marketing pitch. They can also comment and give you their 2 cents on the marketing pitch and your business in general.

Analyzing tools

Analyzing how your marketing campaign is going is very important as you get to see whether you are getting value for money. Facebook Insights allow you to make analysis of your campaign with analytics tracking your audience’ behavior and making the necessary adjustments as needed.


Any content you create for your marketing campaign remains on your Facebook profile as long as the profile or page is active. This means any user interested more about your business can go back in time and see more details about your business. This means that your content’s value lasts longer than it would have say on prime time news.

Facebook’s dominance in digital marketing does not seem to be fading soon and it is a good opportunity to take up on.

Please feel free to contact us at The Mark Consulting & Marketing and check out what we’ve been doing for our clients on Facebook, here are two campaigns that are running now. Please look at the views and shares of the video’s. This is just a small taste of what we can do for you.

Facebook Contest examples below:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CharactersYeg/?fref=nf Characters Fine Dining

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WickedCupCanada/?fref=nf Wicked Cup Coffee & Tea

by Mark Pavelich President & CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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