Easy Ways To Recycle Your Content

By September 15, 2015Blogposts

Recycling isn’t just good for the environment, it’s a perfectly solid approach to your social media as well.
For example, you posted something a few days – even a few hours – ago on the company’s social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Now if you’re a busy company or you’ve got a good number of followers on your newsfeeds, you’ll find that even a key team member’s blog, an interesting piece of information, an important announcement, or a hot sale for your clients, can tumble down and out of sight in hurry.
But all is not lost. Not by a long ways because you can recycle that message.
All it will take is some very quick and easy fine-tuning.
Here are some tidy ways to recycle your content to make sure your news stays at the top of the feed and at the top of your customers’ minds:
A Fresh Image: You’ve got a new gadget that you’re going to market and you want everyone to keep it in mind for say a Christmas gift. The initial move was to post a photo with all your information. Now to keep it front and center in everyone’s mind, put a fresh take on that image. Show the gadget in action. Show it in a different color. Show it at a new angle. During the holidays, put a bow on it. Anything and everything can update the look of your showcase piece be it an innovative tool, a new home about to go on the market or a hot initiative.
Connect It All: If you didn’t do it right off the hop, an easy way to recycle your campaign is to connect a new element of social media. If you put it on Twitter, a quick update is to introduce it on Pinterest. Make sure you put a link as well, maybe back to your website so customers can see in more detail what you are promoting.
Status Change: That same new gadget is selling well in its first week. Why not create more buzz? When customers, or better yet potential customers, read that something is “selling out” or “last day at this price” there’s every reason to expect they’re going to check. It’s human nature to react to those catchphrases – that’s why they exist. Creating a sense of urgency is superb method of recycling.
More Details: Your initial marketing campaign was a great way to introduce your new commodity or service. Now when it comes to recycling, a significant way to keep the ball rolling is to present some sort of angle by going into more detail. “Yes, our product is great for XYZ, but did you know that it works great for ABC?” Same goes for a service. “You bet we do taxes, but did you know we do wills and estates, too?” Recycle by deepening the detail.
New Looks: So you came out with something fresh for all to see. It’s been a week or so and you can sense the buzz is dying down and the information is falling by the wayside on social media. Give it a wash and a rinse and it’ll look brand new. Be mindful about sticking with official branding, but a tweak here or there in color, type style, or even just a new headline to a press release all count for change and recycling.
Recycling your content, much like the items around your house, doesn’t need to be done daily but by keeping up with it on a regular schedule, nothing goes stale and you’re staying on top of it all.

By Mark Pavelich The Mark Consulting & Marketing President

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