Content overload: How to craft content people love

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Spare a moment and think of millions of people who browse the internet every day. Some seek for information while others just want to keep in touch with friends and family. For the internet to keep running, people download tons of content every hour. Bloggers have already posted millions of blogs as you read this piece. On social media, users have posted trillions of messages. To appreciate this aspect, open your browser and type any phrase that comes to mind. Click on the search button and see how many hits you get.
With such a massive upload of content online, does yours stand a chance of viewership? To understand the kind of difficulty you could be in, imagine being caught up in a traffic jam. You want to make it to town in time for an appointment but no matter how hard you try and honk at other drivers or weave from one lane to the other, nothing seems to work. However, what if, suddenly, a window of opportunity presents itself and you find yourself on a fast moving lane? Well, you might think that it is by sheer luck, but it is not. Content creation behaves in a similar manner.
How do you overcome the content overload challenge?
Avoid being selfish
When you are creating content, be it a social platform update or blog post, turn off focus on yourself. Instead, concentrate on giving readers objective information without any form of bias. Your target readers are looking for something that interests and benefits them. Get yourself out of the picture and deliver content that focuses on users.
Keep your content fresh
People love to read about trending issues and stuff that is relevant. This is the type of material that makes news web pages flock with visitors. However, timeless content also sets you apart from the pack. Focus on creating articles that never become outdated. An excellent example is that of those articles that tell people how to do this or the other. With such information, readers will come to trust you as an authority in solving their problems.
Avoid writing for search engines
While writing with the aim of optimising your content is good, you should not put much emphasis on attracting the attention of search engines. Remember, the people who will be searching for your content are real humans and not some computer metrics. Write while keeping in mind the type of people you would like to do business. What would they like to read from you? Once you have mastered their interests, tailor your content towards them.
Involve your target audience
Content marketing involves a cut throat competition. Just like the traffic jam scenario mentioned earlier, everyone is fighting to have his or her voice heard. People love it when you use comments they had earlier posted. Moreover, throw in results from a survey you conducted or share opinions from experts in the content generation field. The idea here is to show your generous nature and to prove to the audience that their opinion also counts.
Teach something
Information on solutions and something new that people do not know about spreads like the bushfire. Moreover, in your articles and blog posts, share practical tips that anyone can apply. You will be amazed at how such information spreads. Before you know it, your website is registering hits at an exponential rate.
Be consistent
Posting content on and off with long intervals in between will make audiences lose their confidence. In the first place, readers visited your site because they found something useful. After that, they got the impression that you are the go-to person. Imagine the disappointment when they come back looking for more only to find that you have not updated the site. Therefore, keep your audiences glued to your site by posting stuff on a recurring basis.
Follow the above tips but most importantly, stick to an area where what you are good at comes out strongly. That way, audiences consider you to be a guru and will always yearn for more content. The Mark Consulting and Marketing Company comprises of a team of skilled marketers that provide customers with relevant content and marketing techniques that will offer them online success.

By: Mark Pavelich President Ceo The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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