Why Communications with Clients and Partners is so Key

By September 28, 2016Blogposts

You can’t keep a business without communicating with your clients and partners.  You need to get feedback on your work and services. You have to contact your partners for feedback and some form of direction and so on. Communication is key to your business relationships with clients and partners.

Manage expectations

Avoid disappointments in clients by communicating clearly on what is to be delivered and the delivery times on projects. Many conflicts between businesses and clients arise from clients feeling shortchanged, cost, delivery time, quality of design, are some of the points where you need very clear communication.

Build loyalty

Your clients should grow to see you as an investment and not as an expense. Being a source of helpful information and contacts will have your clients looking to you for solutions in their various needs. This way, you get to grow your business relationship and build loyalty.

Better communication with your clients will make you on them as partners over time rather than money sources.  You get to know their likes, dislikes, preferences, and concerns. This will make your business bond grow stronger for mutual benefit.

Build trust

Clearer communication on all matters will make you look trustworthy. If there are hitches in delivery being honest when answering on why the delivery has not been done will make your client view you as trustworthy. This also connects with managing expectations.

Managing conflict

Conflicts will occur from time to time between you and the client or partners. When the old phrase “Too many cooks in the kitchen” happens, communication helps lower temperatures and escalation of conflict. There has to be a main point person on each side to avoid this.

If you are presenting a common bid with your partner, better communication will have you on the same page when you approach other prospects. Important points on project goals and objectives must be aligned so that you present a common front.

Smooth operations

Clear communication is necessary for smooth business operations. You will know when your project will be coming in for example, which orders are to be delivered where and so on. This is crucial as supply chains and other operations largely rely on good communication for smooth functioning.

By Mark Pavelich President CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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