Clean out the App drawer!

By March 7, 2018Blogposts

Hey once and a while you just gotta dig through your underwear drawer and toss all that old stuff that you never wear anymore. You gotta clean out that garage and get rid of the snow blower you never use. You have to go into that Tupperware cupboard and remove the avalanche of lids with no bowls! But there is a NEW uncharted area of your life, that you never had to really think about before, an area that not only takes up space, BUT it more than likely TAKES UP YOUR MONEY!!!! It’s time, to clean your phones from all the useless apps!

You scroll past them constantly – all of those apps you once thought were going to be the be all end all of your app finding days, but after a short time you realized that they were not exactly what you wanted. The crazy part of things are these apps that charge a monthly subscription to use them, not just a one time fee, these apps month by month take your money for having it installed onto your phone, even if you NEVER use it.

Recently I did a spring cleaning of these apps on my phone, guess what I discovered, I WAS PAYING 200 BUCKS A MONTH FOR APPS I WAS NEVER USING! What’s worse, in MOST cases just deleting these apps from your phone DOES NOT cancel the subscription! So you don’t even realize that you are paying monthly for these things! Depending on your phone you will need to discover how to cancel these subscriptions if you want to be completely free of them!

I have learned a valuable lesson (no pun intended…) to really check into all these things we spend money on and forget we bought, especially for all of those people out there looking to minimize their lives, this could be the place you should look at first!

By Mark Pavelich CEO President The Mark Consulting & Marketing (Connect Below)

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