Building a community around your Brand

By July 6, 2022Blogposts

Brand communities are the easiest way to increase trust and familiarity with your brand, increase sales and conversions, and have better conversations with your customers. These days, consumers are looking for brands that share their values.

To reach as many people as possible and increase community size, ensure all marketing channels drive audience members to community spaces—whether those are onsite forums or social media platforms.

Aligning your brand with a cause isn’t just a socially responsible thing to do, it’s a sound business move. Consumers are looking to support brands that lead by example and give back to the community—and they’re willing to abandon the companies that don’t. According to a recent consumer survey, 75% of millennials want companies to contribute their profits to a cause. Once your brand chooses a cause it believes in, message your partnership and related charitable events across all digital platforms.

Remember a brand community is when people are emotionally invested in buying your products or services, engaging with your content, and actively telling their friends and family about your business.

These people follow everything you do on social media, share your content with their followers, promote your products and services without being asked to, and are “ride or die” fans of your business and what you do.

Over the past years, I’ve obsessively paid attention to many brands that share in these beliefs and trust me a ton of huge brands still do not.


GoPro is no longer just a product, but a platform for fans to share their passions and adventures. The company’s marketing strategy is driven by user-generated video content that entertains viewers while demonstrating the quality of its cameras. The GoPro community has become massive, with “at least 6,000 GoPro-tagged videos uploaded to YouTube every day.”


AirBnB is community-driven by nature. The vacation rental service gives travelers who value cultural immersion a chance to “live like a local” — so it’s no surprise that a community of adventure lovers quickly sprouted up around the brand. Using their “Create AirBnB” platform, the brand invites fans to design their own logos, expressing what makes their homes and communities so special.

These are just a few examples, but I truly believe you should sit down with your team and brainstorm your vision for what you believe your company should look like in your communities’ eyes.

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