Branding: Psychological Warfare

By January 21, 2016Blogposts

I’ve always been fascinated with Philosophy & Psychology from the works of Aristotle to Sigmund Freud; reading on these studies is a passion of mine which is part of the reason why I love marketing so much.
Everything from colour, placement, time & word play is strategized before any marketing material is released, printed or bought! There’s a reason why you never see a Ferrari commercial on TV & why you can’t just go to the dealership to buy one, you must first be on a list and then be accepted by Ferrari to purchase. This gives Ferrari owners the feeling that they are a part of a club, a rich man club, a pinnacle point of success.
The feeling that Ferrari gives their owners is part of their selling process, it’s symbolic of being included in the bigger picture of being part of a worldwide exclusive club! They’re so many examples of this and I have a YouTube video coming out at TheMarkConsulting1 called “The Psychology of Marketing” where I give you more examples of how psychology affects the way we make our purchases.

Every colour has different effects on the brain, and you can google the variety of different perspectives on this theory, but you also have to take into account how a colour can represent a positive or negative reaction depending on someone’s life experience. The theory of colour is based on broad ideologies but none to less it is still a very important part of our marketing process.
The reason some videos go viral is because we can relate to the story being told, the product or service really has a huge impact on our lives, or it makes us feel something. Marketing today is a lot more than just coming up with a slogan or jingle… It’s evolved to the study of understanding & connecting with our customers.
I give you some great sales tips & strategies that you should definitely try next time you’re closing a deal in the Psychology of Marketing video I mentioned above which is coming soon to our YouTube channel.

What most marketers forget is sales & profits are the bottom line when it comes to marketing, pun intended. What I’m saying is that sales are marketing and marketing is sales! Listen to the last episode of the #SocialMediaMania Podcast  for more talk on how the brain is affected by advertising by clicking here!
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