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“It’s only business.” 

In a 9-5 world, where companies purport to being “client-centric”, operating hours take precedence.  Our competitive nature crumbles like dreams before obstacles.  We’re all malleable.  Or- at least, we’re supposed to be.  It’s why some set goals or draft vision boards, and look to achieve through repetition, ensuring positive habit reinforcement through remarkable assertion of discipline.  Do something 20 times, and it becomes a part of your routine.  Make it a routine, and you will be less likely to avoid doing it in the future.

Mike Tyson used to run at 3 or 4 AM, when he knew his opponents would likely still be in bed.  It gave him a mental edge.  A competitive edge.  Waking up at 4 AM isn’t easy.  It’s not natural.  Until it becomes natural because you ALWAYS wake up at 4 AM.

Pick up the phone and call your marketing agency at 8:30. Straight to voicemail.

Call me at 11 PM.  I’ll answer.

Wall Street closes, yet commerce revolves like the Earth’s axis.  Gas gets pumped, food gets eaten, movies are watched and deals are made.  I don’t leave opportunities on doorsteps, and I’m sure my clients won’t either.

I’m invested in my business ventures.  I care about the process just as much as the end product.  “It’s only business” is a bullshit idiom used by those that cannot comprehend an emotional investment in a business and all facets of it.  My clients, my prospects; my goals, their goals…. Compromise that- interfere with that.  See what happens.  I care.  I really do.  If I didn’t care, I would certainly clock out at 5, shut my phone off, veg out and say- “it’s only business.”  I would mean it.  I would blast out inspirational quotes to unsubscribed audiences on social media, preaching to a public that didn’t care, about things I didn’t live by.

If I ran my business like 99% of others, I too wouldn’t take it personally.  I’d be content with a participation ribbon.  I wouldn’t feel driven, and my clients wouldn’t have reason to choose to work with me over anyone else.  Valuable competition breeds excellence and inspires one another to push forward and to innovate and grow.  The absence of competition causes a certain, and- often- slow death to business.

When competition ceases to exist, neither does purpose.  Mediocrity surpasses excellence.

I want to be around to answer calls at 11 PM.  I’m a 4 AM runner in a world of 7 AM snooze buttons.  My clients know it.  Soon, my competition will too.

By @MarkPavelich CEO/ The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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