Are you a MANIAC for your brand?

By November 28, 2017Blogposts

You cannot possibly understand how important it is to be an absolute maniac for whatever your brand, passion, love, is. Seriously I have people come to me ALL THE TIME, moaning about the lack of attention around their products! I stare at them and say “Are you a maniac with it?” To which they look at me and stare, blankly…

Falling in love with what you are doing IS STEP ONE! If you do not love what you are doing already, let me tell you, it is going to be a LONGSHOT that you ever WILL fall in love with it! If you do love something already then ok, we can work with this, but it HAS TO take a new level of mania from YOU!

People listen, this is not rocket science, humans LOVE to be around people that are ENERGETICALLY ALIVE! And people LOVE to give attention to others that stand on the rooftops and scream “TAKE A LOOK OVER HERE!” If you can roll both of those this into one, well boom! Stuff is going to happen!

Getting past the feeling of awkwardness is simply something you just have to do. If you have not yet, it means you have not been desperate yet. WHY would you sit at home any longer complaining about feeling awkward! Are you not in love with your brand? Or was that some joke you told me to trick me into listening to you?

We here at The Mark Consulting are all maniacs, FOR YOUR BRAND! I know it sounds crazy, maybe it is, but it’s the truth. And at the end of the day having a team of people that love success like you want to, well, there is no price tag on that.

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