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Count yourself lucky.  In the dog days of an economic downturn, your business is showing signs of growth. 

Of course, business growth can be a nightmare.  The manpower, the hours of sweat equity, the growing pains and the uncertainty.  There’s a significant amount of capital that is often required for this, and whether it’s yours or you’re crowdfunding for an insurgence of cash flow, you have to keep someone  happy.  Is it a bank, yourself, investors… a spouse?  Utilize these five steps and you’ll be certain to have a less stressful road to growth. 

Technology and processes can make or break you.  Are you up to speed, with the latest and greatest, most intuitive and efficient technologies, or do your new clients need to fumble about to become adopters?  How are your processes?  Streamlined, hopefully.  If you have doubts about either of the aforementioned, then you need to do a serious re-evaluation.  The easier, the better, and the more hassle free it will be for new users to get on board with your product or service.

The world is a mobile one and as technology improves, so does the flexibility and accessibility of your business.  If you’re not easy to access in a mobile world, you’re screwed.  Get mobile.

Inventory replenishment, reordering via a subscription service, self serve menus for customers… all of these processes are in
place for one purpose: automation.  The less time you have to spend doing menial tasks, and the less money and resources spent on hiring people to do them- undoubtedly with mistakes aplenty, the better off your business will be.  You’re going to be busier, right?  Spend your time more efficiently, and implement autonomy into your day-to-day.

Technology.  How cutting edge are your apps or platforms?  Do you even have an app?  You want to grow.  Separating yourself from the competition will be easier if your tech is agile enough to give you the competitive advantage over others and to render your business as the digital leader.  Your branding and image depend on it.  So if the market views you as being slow and dated, will that offer a positive public perception of your business and its direction?

Soon enough, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will render some of these processes and technologies passé, and currently, some AI is already available.  Find smarter ways to build pipelines, reach customers, deliver products or services, and achieve growth- without having to put much time, effort or thought into it.  The future is now.  Perhaps you’re underestimating how far we’ve come, and what can already be done, to grow your business.

By @MarkPavelich CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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