A thousand views is still awesome!

By June 19, 2018Blogposts

I find it hilarious that we have fallen into the trap of measuring ourselves, the quality of our work, the talent we have, by that giant thumbs up button. What’s worse is that even if you get a fair amount of thumbs, you aren’t even happy unless your precious piece of content turns “viral”. The reality of all things social media needs to be redrawn for us, and it starts with remembering that 1000 views, IS A LOT!

Yes you can run a quick search on YouTube and find a BOAT LOAD of videos “worse than yours” remember there is not an actual formula to make something go viral, it happens, some videos flat out suck, I get it, they don’t deserve millions of views, but they get it, and you are just going to have to be ok with that!

This is not about others, this is about you! First thing, is your content really that good? Sometimes you really need to submit your works to others for an HONEST opinion. But let’s say you have passed those tests, your stuff is solid, however the likes, views, thumbs, don’t match those other videos, but you still get a bunch! Viral? No, but a lot still!

See the problem is we are measuring ourselves against lottery winners. Going Viral is like winning the lottery, if you have a solid job and make 6 figures a year you don’t compare yourself that won the powerball 100 million dollar jackpot do you? Then why are we doing this in social media circles?

A thousand views is a lot STILL! Do not be discouraged because you didn’t win the lottery! Winning the lottery is not real, what is REAL IS REAL QUALITY WORK. And at the end of the day consistent quality work will always keep you heading a direction you need to go. Be happy with a thousand views, and keep going forward!

By Mark Pavelich/ President CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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