A Systematic Approach for Getting New Clients for your Photography or Video Production Business

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A photography business does not differ a lot from other types of enterprises. Perhaps the only difference is in the way you conduct its activities. Like every trader, photographers need regular clients. They must also set good prices for their services. Price setting has a two-fold implication: you should factor in a profit margin, and the price must not be too high.
Here is a possible scenario on the effect of over or under pricing. Assume that you promote your video production or photography business by reducing prices. Clients start rolling in, and your heart dances with joy at the achievement. However, you later realize that the prices you charge for photography and video services are not sufficient to meet business running costs. Well, you decide to hike the prices only for customers to go to your competitor. Now, such developments are a cause for concern. How, then, do you attract clients? Here is a systematic approach that is affordable and easy to implement.
Get the clients, not the other way round
Prospects can call you, send emails or book appointments. However, only a few customers take such initiatives. Instead of sitting behind your large mahogany desk moaning to no one in particular about the sad state of your business, make a point of going out to look for clients.
Run some promotions
People love being pampered and cajoled into buying a product or service. Consider running a video and photography promotion during which you lower prices slightly and offer other goodies. For instance, you could opt for the “buy-one-get-one” offers. Also, you could undertake video editing free of charge to every customer that takes a photo and video shooting package. For promotion to succeed, give it a timeline and reduce prices on those activities that most of your clients love.
Rework your website
You have put much effort into designing your website and making it go live. However, how much traffic does the site attract? The numbers disappoint. Having an online presence gives your company a tremendous potential to attract clients. Perhaps the problem is in the way the site lies in the site engines. You need to optimize your website, and the easiest way to do so is by hiring an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professional. Once optimized, the site will rank highly on major search engines, and your prospects will be able to see what you offer.
Network with other businesses
Enterprises support each other in interesting ways. For example, the coffee shop next to your studio may seem like nothing noticeable. Probably some of your clients patronize the place for refreshments. As for the newspaper and magazine shop across the street, you might not know, but customers pass by there, grab a publication before coming to your place. Therefore, consider running an initiative where you request the nearby establishments to promote you as you also do the same for them.
Tap into social media
For any business activity to succeed, owners need to be in places where their clients hang out. Social media is one such place. Most people have an account that they use to keep in touch with friends, colleagues, and relatives. Focus your time on checking out some of these sites. Open accounts for your business. Post some of your best work and link the photos to your website. Moreover, invite people to “like” your photography and video business page. Start with your friends who are already on social media.
Referral programs
Encourage your current customers to recommend your services to their buddies. As a way of motivation, give attractive discounts to a client who refers another person. They can redeem the discount in their next session.
From the above suggestions, you realize that you have many options at your disposal. Once new clients come, offer them quality services and make your prices affordable. Remember that new customers get attracted by positive feedback from others. The Mark Consulting and Marketing Company has the knowledge and expertise to give photography and video production businesses big boost that they need with effective approaches.

By Mark Pavelich President Ceo The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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