6 Simple ways to boost your creativity

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Creativity is what makes the world go around; it’s a way of thinking that allows us to look at problems from a different perspective, allowing us to come up with unorthodox solutions. Use these tips to help you boost your creativity on a daily basis.

1. Go outside
Go for a walk down your block or drive an hour away to go on a hike. Being out in nature seems to make time slow down, it allows us to look at life from a completely different perspective. Take in the beauty of Mother Nature, take a moment to truly look at her, you’ll know that there is something bigger than us out there, and there’s a real calmness that accompanies that thought.

2. Go Somewhere different
When was the last time you went somewhere you’ve never been before? It could be a new restaurant, a new store, a new park or you can travel some place you’ve never been to. I find myself at my most creative when I am in a different city, a different country, exploring sites I’ve never seen before. Travelling inspires me the most; maybe it could work for you.

3. Coffee Shops
Just being out of your office can sometimes help with creativity, and hey a little bit of caffeine doesn’t hurt. You don’t have to go to the same shop all the time, go to a new shop, have a different type of coffee, people watch, look at the décor, relax and take a moment for yourself.

4. Tune into some tunes
Listen to some music, play your favourite song, lip sync, sing, dance, move! Music connects with our souls & makes us feel all kinds of emotions; it can put us in a mindset or disconnect us from the real world. Music is a very powerful tool for our creativity.

5. Watch something funny
Laughing cures almost everything! Surround yourself with your funny friends, watch your favourite comedy, or go to the theatre a see a new movie. Finding your inner child is important, it will put your mind at ease and allow you to think freely, and let your thoughts wonder.

6. Move it
Exercise, do yoga, mediate, take time for yourself! A healthy body creates a healthy brain. Train hard, sweat out the negativity, you’re one good workout away from your big idea!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blogpost, let me know if you use any of these tips in your daily routine. Try some of these tips out and let me know if they worked for you? Please Email me at Dave@TheMarkConsulting.com

Written by: Dave Pavelich

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