6 Reasons your business should be on social media!

By July 28, 2015Blogposts, Uncategorized

1) Get ahead of the competition

Social Media is still young and it’s always changing, I’m sure you’ve heard the expression the early bird gets the worm, so get on social media now, because your competition may beat you to it, if they haven’t already… but if they did it’s not too late to catch up!

Social Media will provide psychographics that allow you to understand your target market which may lead to more sales; you will find customers you didn’t even know existed! People who share your content from these social media platforms will help you reach their network of friends & family for free!

2) People expect you to have it

Almost everybody has some form of social media and they expect to be able to find information on your business. It makes you look more legitimate, it’s 2015 if you don’t have social media & your website looks like it’s still from 1988, you’re losing sales, end of story.

3) Helps drive traffic to your website

Attract people with good content and they will be curious about your business, this leads to them searching & browsing through your website. Gain eyeballs and create buzz for your business using these tools.

4) Networking

Social media is replacing real-life relationships, it’s the new way to convey your message and share your businesses authentic views, as odd as it sounds using these online platforms will make you more “human” and approachable.

5) Online Reputation

There is no better way to reach millions of people and open different lines of communication with existing & future customers. Social media provides another way for potential clients to find you! This will also help you guard your reputation by turning negative feedback into a positive experience by immediately rectifying any problems or unsatisfactory work, and it is great way to receive free promotion by posting all the positive reviews that you will receive!

6) 5 – 7 Touches

Last but definitely not least my theory of 5-7 touches will never be reached without social media, we live in a world where we have unlimited access to information which makes it more difficult for someone to remember your brand or business. We need at least 5 to 7 touches to really reach a customer, you can “touch” or reach someone with all kinds of different types of advertising but none of them are as cheap and effective as social media. This is a concept of Time vs. Money , social media will take up more of your time but in the long run will save you money, you can also save your time & money by hiring us at The Mark Consulting to take care of all your online marketing plus its way CHEAPER than traditional advertising!

Written by Dave pavelich @DPavelich