5 Tips To Get More Instagram Followers

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Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks that has the “follow” and “following “buttons. You may say that they copied twitter style of networking, but there’s a big difference between the both of them. The similarity in both Instagram and Twitter is the buttons. Everyone that uses Instagram wishes to have an enormous list of followers overnight. Well, it’s possible for public figures and celebrities to get these huge followers. But what about those who have nothing to do in the celebrity world, can’t they also have huge fans? Well, they can, but there needs to be a lot of commitment, patience and hard work to get there.
Now, you don’t have to worry about getting a big list of followers on Instagram. There are some simple actions we can take to get noticed on Instagram.

Post at the right time
Before you post just any photo on Instagram, ensure that you check the time zone of the majority of your audience and what time they use the Instagram app. You can decide to post during the weekends because that’s when almost everyone will have a free time to play around with social networks.
A photo has about 4 hours before it gets lost within the Instagram newsfeed. To avoid this, try to post when you’re sure that majority of your audience have access to their accounts. For example, if the majority of your followers are college students, then you should post in the afternoon when students are having their lunch break or closed for the day.

Use relevant Hashtags
Hashtags play a significant role in helping you find popular photos and know what to post on Instagram that can be seen by a wider audience. You can use Google or webstagram to find trending and popular hashtags which you can also use.
While Hashtags are important for attracting new followers, you must be careful in using them. If you use them wrongly, you won’t be doing your account any good.

Follow Other Users
There’s a common saying that “Respect is Reciprocal.” This saying holds water even in social media. If you want your followers list to grow, you need to be real, active and social. Instead of posting photos and waiting for miracles to happen, you can start following others right away. Search for famous Instagram users, share their photos and engage with them. The more you engage, the more exposure you’ll receive.

Complete your Bio
Your Bio is the summary of who you are and what you do. You can use the opportunity to sell what you offer to your audience. It’s a great medium for promoting your brand. When completing your bio, do not sound as if you’re desperate to get followers but rather use your bio to feature a call to action, branded hashtags and links to show whoever comes across your bio that you’re real and worthy to be followed.

Post frequently but don’t spam your followers
Now that you have a few Instagram followers, you’ll need to keep their spirits high. Moderate your posts and don’t bore your followers with excessive posts. If you have a hundred photos, do not post all in a day. Instead, spread these pictures throughout several days. If you flood your followers’ feeds with images, they’ll unfollow you and your account will be unattractive.
In conclusion, getting followers isn’t that hard neither is it so easy. Follow these tips and watch your followers list grow.

By Kayla Pavelich Instagram & Pinterest Director The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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