5 Social Media Mistakes

By June 15, 2015Blogposts, Uncategorized

1. Not creating original content.
Speaks for itself right? This doesn’t just mean banners, graphics and visuals to promote your business; you must create content that will attract people by connecting with their interest. Think about a website that you frequently log on to? How many updates and original content do they create? Probably a lot, that’s why you frequently visit, this is why blogging and updating your website and social media is so important.

2. Not responding properly to negative feedback.
Social Media is an amazing tool to rectify negative feedback publicly; it’s an art form to properly respond to comments made over Social Media & when done correctly this will show that your company cares about all its customers. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s how you handle them that counts.
3. Redundant.
Yes we get it you love your job, and you’re great at finding quotes online. Quotes are great to share once in a while but just remember it gets redundant plus successful people don’t live by quotes they live to be quoted! Posting the same stuff over and over will drive people away from your social media platforms. You need a wide variety of content to satisfy people’s hunger.

4. Being inconsistent not posting enough.
Consistency drives people to your social media pages! Not posting enough or being inconsistent from one week to another is a crucial mistake!

5. Underestimation
A serious underestimation of time & resources it takes to engage and maintain your online presence. Providing real value with social media and getting ROI take’s time like anything else it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a lot of work and planning to create a strategy that works for your industry.
Written By: Dave Pavelich, Business Consultant. Social Media: @DPavelich