5 Reasons for Using Google Plus

By May 23, 2016Blogposts

Google plus sometimes written Google+ is the social media network by search behemoth Google. With over 420 million users as at the end of 2015, the network is growing and does not look to be slowing down soon.

Google+ comes with numerous benefits with different Google tools and features at your disposal. Users are able to access Hangouts, Gmail, communities, circles, Google Search and Maps all from one platform.

1 Rank Higher

Google is the undisputable king of internet searching and tends to look after its own. When you post anything in your Google+ account, it is indexed by Google. With smart SEO tricks, your website can go to the top of the ranks very quickly courtesy of Google+.  Considering 60% of searchers do not go past the first page of Google search results, ranking highly means serious marketing opportunities for your business.

  1. Get easily located

Google searches for a product or service gives priority to local business, i.e. those businesses that are closest to the searcher. Those businesses on Google+ business pages are given first priority. If your business has had positive reviews, potential customers can see the reviews alongside the search results even without being members of Google+

In addition Google+ business listed entities are shown on Google maps. When a search results comes up, the map location together with the reviews are shown. This is a powerful marketing tool for reaching out to customers who are undecided and go for whatever best they see.

  1. Get seen easily

You have made that awesome promotional video but to your disappointment, it is showing fewer than 20 hits on YouTube. This can be easily remedied by connecting your Google+ account and the YouTube account.

With your Google+ and YouTube accounts linked, the people in your circles will be a good audience. If you have a highly ranked page, your video will attract a high number of hits as it comes to the first page in Google results.

  1. Highly effective tools for free

With a Google+ account you can engage the people in your circles by free calling service Google Voice and do a video chat on Google Hangouts. This is a powerful combination for communication tools. These free services can certainly bring down your overheads.

  1. Easy categorization of contacts

Google+ users are able to separate their contacts easily by creating Circles, something that is lacking in rival networks Twitter and Facebook.  One can form circles of friends, business partners, suppliers, customers and so on. This is very ideal for sending targeted messages.

By Mark Pavelich President & CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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