15 #Twitter stats to HELP your social path.

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One of the first questions that come to mind when considering a Twitter marketing campaign is probably: how many people use Twitter?

According to Twitter’s latest figures from the fourth quarter of 2020, the platform boasts 192 million daily active users (Twitter, 2021).

This was a whopping 27 percent year-over-year increase, which Twitter attributed to both current global events as well as their own improvement and development efforts.

Breaking that down, 55 million of Twitter’s daily active users are in the US. This makes up 28.6 percent of Twitter’s user base. The remaining are international users.

Keep in mind with 500 million Tweets posted every single day, it’s still a real struggle to get the visibility and engagement on Twitter that you want so we’ve gathered 15 Quick Twitter stats to inform and inspire. Let’s go!!!

•Twitter has 353 million monthly active users and 192 million daily active users.

•There are 500 million Tweets posted per day, that’s about 6,000 per second.

•In 2019, Twitter shut down 70 million fake or suspicious accounts in 2 months. (May-July 2019)

•The second most frequently used hashtag used to employ small businesses in 2020 on Twitter is #ShopLocal used in 162,591 Tweets.

•The top tweet has over 4.1 million retweets and was tweeted by japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa in June 2021.

•73.9% OF Twitter users get there News from Twitter.

•83% of World Leaders are active on Twitter.

•Tweets with Quotes are 53% more likely to be Retweeted.

•Tweets with 1 hashtag are 69% more likely to be Retweeted than those with 2.

•80% of Twitter users are active on mobile devices.

•The ideal length for a Tweet is 70-100 characters. Tweets with 100 characters get 17% higher captivation rates than longer Tweets.

•Tweets with images get 55% more leads. They bring attention to your tweet.

•76% of users are likely to recommend a brand if they’ve received friendly customer review on Twitter.

•47% of users who follow a brand are more likely to visit the company’s website.

•Tweets without links get 25.1% more retweets, favorites, and replies than those links.

Twitter Is Fun Enjoy It!!!!!!!

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