4 Ways to know if your marketing is working!

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Like anything else in life, success with a marketing campaign doesn’t happen overnight!  You need a great strategy & you need to think smart while being innovative. You also need proper timing for your concept to really show effective results.

ROI is the most important aspect of any business, making money is A Number 1 as Frank Sinatra would say.

1. The Analytics: Numbers don’t lie but most marketing agencies do. Look at your bounce rate, see what your conversion rate is, find out how long people are staying on your website. Find out what pages they’re clicking on and see if the traffic is worth the money you’re spending. What is your click through rate? Are people purchasing items on your E-commerce site? Ask yourself how your website is generating money. If all this stuff sounds like gibberish to you ask your marketing department to explain to you how psychographics work, you need to know these numbers in order for your business to thrive in 2016.

2. Engagements: Do people like your content? Are they replying and joining conversations that you are starting? Most importantly are they sharing your content? These engagements measure how your content is being viewed and if it’s helping your brand or not. I just finished creating a concept for our client Decore Hotels; the campaign is called Wake Up In Jasper. I directed the commercial, our actors’ bailed last minute so I’m actually also in it, we released a simple contest with the commercial where you can win a 2 night stay at our hotels along with lift passes to Marmot and the video has received over 570 Shares & 15,000 views in only a week! All this came organically these are huge numbers, and the promotion aspect of our company is what separates us from other marketing firms. Like I said in number 1, numbers don’t lie, it’s not bragging I’m just good at what I do, and most importantly I pride myself on our clients success, I love what I do!

3. Bottom Line Profits: This is self-explanatory! Is your business making more money than you did prior to these new marketing tactics? Yes you do have to factor in the economy and other third party incidents that may affect your total Gross but all in all, are you making more money? I mean you’re not running a non-profit and even if you are you still have a team to pay for. Marketing is an investment, not an expense! That’s our slogan at The Mark Consulting because when you invest your intent is to make more money and at the end of the day this determines the success of your marketing campaigns but here’s a disclaimer this doesn’t happen overnight it takes dedication, hard work and most importantly smart planning.

4. Brand Presences: Is your logo being seen, is your brand being talked about, is your company in the forefront of people’s minds. Are you winning on social media, are your customers coming into your stores and telling you I see your stuff everywhere? Are you Top of Mind? It takes about 7 touches for you to install your company into a customer’s autopilot system (their brain) so make sure your getting the publicity you’re paying for!

Written by: Dave Pavelich

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