3 Reasons Why Social Media is The Most Important Marketing Tools

By September 1, 2015Blogposts

If you’ve ever thought ‘What can social media really do for us?’ when it comes to your company’s marketing plans, you’re not alone.
First off, many business owners and executives aren’t that clued in when it comes to social media. For many, they know about it primarily through their kids and their Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat accounts. For others, and this is a big one in business today, there’s the idea that ‘Our customers don’t do social media.’
All of that might be true to some degree. But at the same time, social media can be a unique tool in marketing and advertising. It’s one that is relatively simple to maintain and certainly is more economical compared to magazine and TV ads. On top of those two points, here are three more reasons why social media works for businesses that would make any head honchos take notice.

It’s Your Own Community
Build your company’s social media portfolio right and you’ve potentially got thousands of people talking about your product. They’ve joined because they’ve always been interested in what you have to offer or they’ve been told by a friend and that recommendation from a trusted source is gold in the business world. The members of the community create a buzz about a product. When they have something they love, they rave about it. There’s your ROI, too. Word of mouth, like a recommendation, is gold … and free.

Image is Everything
Social media puts your company in the spotlight. That’s where you want to be – everyone talking about your company, heaping praise your product, and generally building up a greater recognition. You can keep track of who is talking and what’s right about your product which is valuable information when you’re preparing your next initiative. That’s when things are going right. When things are bad, it’s hard to accept criticism or complaints, but it’s a necessary evil. Yet how great is that social media provides an almost immediate communications link that allows your company to offer an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, or a helping hand – an apology of any kind is quick and thousand can see how you deal with things with a prompt and courteous manner.

A New Audience
No one uses the phone book anymore. A lot of people don’t read a newspaper or watch TV news. A Google search could take hours. So why not check with friends and followers? Somebody somewhere on their Facebook or Twitter or YouTube page can help. A friend’s suggestion or even just a helpful word from a follower you don’t know can sway you towards a product or service. So why wouldn’t you as a business owner create your own way of helping people. The more your company reaches out on social media the more followers you get. The followers you get the more they can advertise for you. As an example, you’re a restaurant owner and things are going well but could be better. A social media campaign can put the word out that illustrates your desire for more customers, but by creating a social media world of your own, your existing customers are able to touch all of their friends and followers. Those personal recommendations are the best form of advertising.

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