Working hard on the wrong things will leave you broke!

By March 4, 2016Blogposts

Telling people that you’re “Hustling” and “working hard” on social media is one thing but are you working smart? You can work “hard” your whole life and not get anywhere because the work you’re doing isn’t improving yourself or your business!

The great thing about telling people on Social media that you’re “working hard” is that it keeps you accountable but are you really “working hard” or are you just lying to yourself? Only doing 38 sit ups instead of 50 but telling everyone you did 50 is just cheating yourself, nobody else really cares!

The really horrible part about “working hard” is that it doesn’t guarantee your success! Working a labour intensive job is “Hard Work” but in the long run this may or may not make your dreams come true. I have a lot of friends who are hardworking individuals and when they are asked to work overtime they always accept with no questions asked but for some reason when their paycheck comes in at the end of the month they always complain about how most of their money they make working overtime is being taxed out of their pocket. So are they allocating their time properly?

If this question sounds like it’s directed towards you, it’s a question that I can’t answer for you; you have to figure out what’s worth your time and what isn’t!
Before you tackle any project, ask yourself these questions; is this making me money now? Is it making me money in the long run? Is it worth it or I’m I just wasting my time?

I’m not saying to abolish “hard work” because there is no way around “hard work” on your way to making your first million but I am telling you to start strategizing your every move and making sure it’s going to be worth the risk / your time at the end of the day.


Here are some ways to help you work smarter!

1) Time Management: Plan on finishing the important things first, the things that make you money now! Do the activities that will improve your life first and do everything else second. You have to be unrealistic with your goals and very realistic when allocating your time to tasks and projects!

2) Sacrifice your weekends: This is a simple and self-explanatory point, I know you work hard during the week, I know you have a 9-5 but to be brutally honest that 9-5 just isn’t going to be enough to make your dreams come true in 2016, it’s not the 80’s anymore the cost of living is just too high to support yourself from one average 40-50 thousand dollar income. So use your weekends to produce a “side hustle” that will get you to the next level, this hustle may not even need a lot of time, it may just need you to think outside the box. I have friends who have made huge money with penny stocks, I’m not saying this is a good idea but it worked for them, find something that will work for you. What are your passions? What are your goals? Write them down and learn to say NO to your friends because most of them are just drinking their life away!

3) Learn from others: Pick up a book, watch a documentary, watch an interview, and learn from other people’s mistakes. I promise you whatever industry you’re in there are books you can learn from. Watch & listen to the masters in your field, learn from these people who have already reached the level you want to be on. Stop trying to build something that’s already been built, this makes no sense! You can definitely build something new from something that someone has already built, this is called innovation!

4) Sleep Less, Nap More: Our human bodies aren’t actually supposed to sleep 8 hours straight, our bodies are actually built to sleep two, four hour increments. Sleep is very important, try to learn to sleep when the least amount of action is happening within your business or industry and its okay to nap! Our brains give us no choice but to recharge, this is a major key to working smart, in my best DJ Khaled voice.

5) Outsource: Like everyone else in this world you only have 24 hours in a day, make sure you’re allocating your time to the most important tasks that you are the best fit for. Don’t be shy to outsource the mundane tasks that “anyone” could do, stop wasting your time! Use platforms and technology to your advantage, this will help you solve problems!

If you’re lost on how to allocate your time or you’re not sure what to do to make extra money look at the market, look at what is succeeding in business today. What does the world need? Try looking at businesses that can help other humans, or businesses that help the environment, these “positive” businesses are HOT right now and truthfully it’s the new age of doing business!

Don’t forget->Working hard on the wrong things will leave you broke!

Written by: Dave Pavelich

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