It’s 2018, you don’t need that here.

By January 17, 2018Blogposts

Another year. I find that every New Year brings something different, largely the year before has a hand in what the perception of the next year will hold, and for years maybe you have carried the bags of your life from one year to the next, not really understanding that by doing this, it has left you vulnerable to miss the very thing you are looking for. So today I want to say to you, “Hey, its 2018, you don’t need those old things here.”

Now it is really easy to get our heads around the idea that bad baggage should go, but guess what, I saw that even the good baggage needs to go! Either we hold on to the hurt, or we hold onto the old success, either way we are holding onto something that we simply cannot bring with us to the next point!

Say you have a pocket knife with you, nothing serious, just a little swiss army maybe. Day to day you can bring that most places and have full access to where you are going. However today you have tickets to fly to France, and the time has come for you to go through security, you have a ticket, you are allowed to go to the secured area, but you just can’t bring this pocket knife with you, you have to let it go to access the better place!

How often are we trying to hold onto that damn pocket knife? It doesn’t matter how sentimental that thing is, it is limiting us from getting to our true destinations. We need to ask ourselves this year, whether the baggage is good or bad doesn’t matter, what happens if I let this pocket knife go?

Enjoy 2018, it is going to be freaking epic, but it will also take a freaking high level of maturity for us to reach the destinations, we truly have the access to.

By Mark Pavelich CEO President The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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