10 Seconds or Users Bounce

By January 2, 2022Blogposts

Users often leave Web pages in 10–20 seconds, but pages with a clear value can hold people’s attention for much longer. To gain more out of a user’s attention, you must communicate your value concept within 10 seconds.

Navigating your site should be easy. Visitors will not spend unnecessary energy trying to navigate your site.  Make sure it is easy to use and straight-forward. I’ve always used this theory. I send all newly constructed websites we create at the Mark Consulting and Marketing to my 88-year-old father. I ask him to find 6-8 things and then I sent the same site to our 11-year-old God daughters. If they both come back finding it easy to navigate, we got a winner.

Establishing a way to be contacted on your site is crucial. This should include at least a valid phone number, email and social media links. People want to know that you are available if they have questions or concerns. Keep in mind in this day and age not having proper contact on your website makes your business look shady, transparency is mandatory.

I love testimonials on websites, a testimonial is a statement from a previous or current client in which they share their opinions of your service. It’s like a review, only shorter and sweeter. Testimonials are a valid form of social proof that can inspire trust and confidence at a glance – something which is necessary with the short attention spans of users nowadays.

Make sure you only use authentic testimonials – it could come back to bite you later if someone discovers you used a fake testimonial. It has the potential to strip you of all credibility and cause more harm than good to your reputation.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Apply SEO best practices in mind.

  • Provide all the relevant information.

  • Create unique landing pages for specific topics.

  • Let videos and pictures help tell your story.

  • Include trust-building content.

  • Keep your website up to date. Super important

  • Use a straightforward layout.

  • Make it perfect or as close to it as you can get.

Your website is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available for your business. It can serve you as very own personal 24×7 sales team, front desk, and an internationally accessible place to show the world what you sell and do. When starting your own business, we understand that money might be tight but most websites that are self-made look like there self-made.

Always remember, if people are succeeding, they look strong and good. Your first impression of a thing sets up your subsequent beliefs. If the company looks incompetent to you, you may assume everything else they do is the same.

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