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TIn a world where you’re more likely to have reservations about opinions, thanks in large part to the oversensitivity of the public, you need to become true.

Employment background check services, such as Sterling Talent Solutions, offer social media screening as a service.  Imagine- an expletive tweet or a scandalous college photo on Facebook, precludes your ability to continue the on-boarding process with a prospective (and once future) employer.

So are you going to win followers or influence people by not being true to yourself, expressing opinions and views in a PG viewpoint?  Must you refrain from showing any semblance of a wild side in your Instagram posts?  Even your parents know that, with church clothes on and an “Awe shucks” online persona, it’s only a facade.  You’re no angel.  No one is. 

As a member of Team People, we are not infallible.  We error.  Often

When you have a negative comment, think before you post it.  The beautiful thing about written word is that we have the ability to proofread and opt to use language that isn’t offensive or profane. 

You can find services or apps which can scrub through the web to find any or all of your old posts, which may affect the image you’re trying to portray.  Take the time to go through old social media blogs or pages and delete any unused or unwanted profiles.  Deactivate yourself from data collection sites, such as and PeopleFinder.  Use a “junk” email account for any shopping or mail lists. 

Be yourself online.  Get verified, if you can, on your social media accounts.  Use tasteful photos of yourself.  Set parameters for others who want to tag you, so that you can choose which content is shown publicly and on your pages. 

Stay true to yourself.  You have to still portray yourself in the most interesting way that you can: by being you.  Share some of that.  If you went out for dinner and would like to share your disappointing 2.5 star Yelp review on Twitter- go for it!  Did you have a fun weekend at your friend’s wedding, and want to share some photos on Instagram?  Do it.  Spare the photos that you wouldn’t want your clients to see, but share that.  Selling yourself is every bit as important as selling a product or a service.  It’s part of your unique branding to separate yourself from the competition.

You have one reputation in life.  It’s perhaps the most irreplaceable thing in life, besides your health and wellness.  But you still need to be you.  Imperfect, foolish, goofy, vulnerable, arrogant, ambitious, courageous, passionate, adventurous, philosophical, witty, boisterous you

By @MarkPavelich CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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