Six Commonalities Amongst Leaders

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“…eight out of ten new businesses fail in the first 18 months.” -Bloomberg study

Why bother?  The odds are stacked up against you.  You have a 20% chance of even surviving your first year.  There’s probably more competition in your area than you can possibly handle.  How will you stand out?  What will differentiate you from them?  Do you even have the “it factor” to succeed?

Without further ado, here are 6 factors that will set you apart from everyone else— assuming you’re a great leader:

You have unbridled levels of confidence in yourself and your abilities.  You don’t care about the doubters or the naysayers.  You’re going to make it, defying the odds because you have something that most of the competition does not.

You can multitask, and remain detailed in the process.  Nothing falls by the wayside, and yet, you’re able to stretch your day, getting more done than most, in the same amount of time.

You delegate.  You have the ability to find talented people, relay your vision and then step out of the way.  In the process, you’re allowing them to get things done that you may not be the most adept at doing.  Perhaps you delegate menial tasks that could be done by others, opening up more time for you to complete big picture items.

A concise vision or elevator pitch.  Your associates and employees must quickly comprehend your vision and your goals, and for you to do that, you’ll need to do this explicitly. Often, we are in situations where we have mere moments to tell a prospect who we are, what we do, and what makes us unique.  Can you grab someone’s attention in seconds, or will you lose them?

Bravado.  You may not have the capital or cash flow as a startup to pay the brightest minds handsome sums to follow your dreams.  But if you can illustrate a dream, and make it one that they’ll want to be a part of, you will have their buy-in, dedicating themselves 110% to your vision.

Customer-centric approach.  Face it.  Your business may be similar to a few others— or many others.  The way in which you stand out to your customers will separate you from the pack. 

A high fail rate makes most steer clear from venturing into unclear waters.  The risks outweigh the rewards, to most.  They’ll choose the safe path of job security, benefits, a traditional 40 hour work week and an eventual retirement.  Will you be there telling them, “I told you so,” or will you become part of the majority, with a failing business?  If you check off this list, perhaps you can defy the odds, and become a great leader.

By @MarkPavelich CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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