What Goals Should Your Company Aim To Achieve With Social Media?

By August 2, 2016Blogposts

When utilized well, social media platforms can help companies achieve a great investment return. The more exposure that a business gets; the more people that see what you have to offer and the more you are likely to get new clients. Social media platforms handle millions of searches every day from people looking for products or services that they need. This means that if you aren’t on social media, then you might as well not exist. Winging is therefore not an option when it comes to social media strategizing. It is incredibly important to set up goals that guide your strategy and allow you to measure the level of success of your efforts. Every goal set should be relatable to the type of business you are in. Some of the goals that you should aim to achieve with social media according The Mark Consulting include:

Increasing brand awareness

If you want to increase online presence and brand awareness, staying relevant is overly important. It’s important for the target consumers to understand just what your brand is as well as what it stands for. When they are aware of your brand, they are more likely to like it or retweet it when they interact with it. The extent of brand awareness can be measured by three main factors including how influential your audience is, how many people you influence and how much you influence people.

Increasing website traffic

Increased website traffic is very important for all websites, especially those that sell products and services online. A beautiful and attractive website is nothing if there is zero traffic. While there are many factors that drive conversions, traffic is one of the instrumental ones and without it, it’s almost impossible to influence conversions. More traffic to your site equals more content shares, increased engagement and increased brand interaction. Google Analytics has a Social Reports tool that lets you track traffic from your social media pages.

Website visitor loyalty

You should also aim to increase the average amount of time visitors spent on your website pages. These visitors should also visit your website often. If people visit your website for a very short amount of time and never come back, your social media marketing strategy is not good. To measure website visitor loyalty, create a custom segment in Google Analytics that’s tailored to your social media traffic.

By Mark Pavelich CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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