Mark Pavelich is a marketing professional and social media expert who has been growing brands and perfecting person-to-person marketing strategy for over two decades. As Founder and President of The Mark Consulting and Marketing, Mark draws from his extensive experience in sales and business development to create a forum for new and established companies alike; to promote their brand, share their message, and in turn, seize new and profitable opportunities. Mark’s innovative, modern and bold approach is unparalleled in the industry, and this unique style has not only made Mark a sought after creative professional, but has allowed his clients to realize unprecedented results. Mark is eager to share his passion for networking and enthusiasm for relationship building.

Applying his online knowledge to current day market strategy, and executing a clean and fresh vision, Mark is able to effectively promote the right message to the right people.Mark has combined his over 25 years of sales and marketing experience with his extensive knowledge in sports and sports training to empower his clients and develop invaluable personal networks. As President and Owner of the Maximum Fighting Championship, Mark has grown the brand of MFC to become the largest Mixed Martial Arts event in Canada, and one of the largest MMA brands in the world. Mark has garnered support from partners such as Mark Cuban and Ryan Seacrest, and continues his success with AXSTV and Canada’s leading sports network, TSN.Prior to establishing the Maximum Fighting Championship in 1999, Mark launched Pro Camp Inc., a training and instruction facility where he worked closely with the highest level professional athletes.

Athlete training and management provided Mark with the opportunity to cultivate partnerships that are still strong today. Mark began his career with Firm House of Entertainment, where he gained experience in producing, directing and booking international novelty acts.“I want great products and great people to be seen and heard…for the right reasons. Over the past 20 plus years, I’ve seen a lot of bad marketing, and even more dollars wasted. I’m a firm believer that we need to adapt our strategies to fit with what’s going on in the world today, and I’m not saying that every company out there can fix or better their business with some action on Twitter.However, I do think that an understanding of how to blend social media into your business will indeed help if done properly. My team and I believe in a bold, unique and targeted approach, and we work smart and hard to achieve results. Remember I’ve had many, many years of promoting experience and yes it’s a form of marketing but my combination of promoting and marketing is a very valuable and unique combination and will only help take your business to a whole new level”.

– Mark Pavelich