Why It Takes So Much More To Win Now Than It Did Ten Years Ago

By August 10, 2016Blogposts

The application details had been filled in. The relationships, schools attended, and interest fields had been mulled over.  And once you pushed the live button, you went live. And just like that, people you hadn’t heard from in years, perhaps decades started popping up all over the screen. This was happening all over the world and people were reconnecting with old acquaintances in a virtual way. That was ten years ago. Connecting with colleagues, people you went to college with and friends was now tech enabled. You could now share life’s moments instantly and visually.

Back then, the web was starting to come to life, reveal its promise to the world and that felt great. Our tribal and creative humanity now had an extension of software, hardware and communication networks. Social media was a way for us to validate our creations. A simple share, like or retweet showed popularity as well as popularity. We also loved that they didn’t cost a penny and we didn’t have to deal with ads. For many of us, this gave us a sense of adventure. But that was short lived. It soon became apparent that these networks were much more than just friend networks.

Bloggers, publishers and marketers soon discovered the power of a simple Facebook update or tweet. Many businesses adopted online communities and utilized them to reach a global mass. Back then, it was easy because to flourish online, you didn’t to learn any complicated skills. You just had to know how to use social media to win more traffic. Then came Facebook Page. It allowed businesses and brands in a whole new way. Advertising banners came and that’s when we realized Google Adwords had real competition.

Soon afterwards, an algorithm was soon invented that would jumble the news feed in such a manner that would tell people what was important to view and serve up ads on timelines. This made reaching friends and fans more difficult. You see, with old social media creating community that found and shared your content was easy. But with the above changes, everything was buried. Social media was evolving, and it was making reaching others harder.

The good news is that marketers can still win traffic like the old days, but only if they evolve. This means keeping an eye on the trends and adapting to them. For instance, convert social media traffic to email subscribers, re-purpose content onto other networks and concentrate more on what works best.

By Mark Pavelich President CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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