How to Get More Snapchat Followers

By September 16, 2016Blogposts

Make stuff and watch it disappear! That’s the wonder of Snapchat. If you are not on social media you are missing out on wonderful displays of creativity. It is like a boosted Instagram. You can swap faces, slow-mo your videos, hype events and dates on your snaps, become a granny and so on. Snapchat is also a great place to meet other creative. There are 150 million of them and growing. Get on and make friends. Here is how;


If you are already on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, why not post your Snapchat handle on your posts and tweets? Your friends and followers on these networks will readily follow you to Snapchat if your stuff is good.

Snapchat code

Get people more curious with your Snapchat code. Leave it like a mark on your social media activities and wherever you content can be found. Print the code on your business cards to go old school.

Use filters

Attract more followers in a popular location by applying geofilters. You can also hype up events and dates on your snaps. Those interested will follow you to stay updated on what they find interesting.


See snaps you like? Send them a good feel message.  By engaging more people you make more friends and if your snaps and stories are cool they will follow you.  Get ahead by having people with massive following to follow you.


Look for people talking about Snapchat online. Snapchat Directory, Add me Snaps and Reddit are good starting points.

Facebook ads

If you are in Snapchat for business, you might as well do an ad on Facebook promoting your handle.  Make it interesting and you will soon have thousands of followers lined up.


You can do a collabo with other Snapchat members to shout out your username.

Promote stuff

People like freebies and discounts.  If you are in business, offer discounts and other offers on your snaps and stories. Snapchat is ideal for offering exclusive deals due to the time limitation of the content.


People will follow you if your content is good. Have stuff that can go viral and watch the followers pile up.  Snapchat has a lot of features to make your ordinary stuff look awesome. Filters, emojis, pens can make your stories exciting. Try to make your stories diverse. Snapping selfies all the time is pretty boring. Have some new card tricks? Show them off. Figured out makeup hacks to keep off the shine? Show how you do it.

By Mark Pavelich CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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