What Are The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid On Social Media?

By August 22, 2016Blogposts

Having a well planned social media marketing strategy is the key to broadening your market reach, expanding your brand and reaching new customers. However, there is always a risk that you are making a major mistake especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. If used well, social media can lead to immeasurable success for your business but if not, it can have a negative impact on the integrity and image of your brand. Understanding what some of the common mistakes on social media are is the first step you can towards avoiding them.

Lack of a social media marketing strategy

Today’s customers have an expectation that social media makes part of their buyer experience. This comes in form of checking in and interacting with the brand socially, sharing inspirational items and purchases as well as having a brand social media profile to follow. This means that social media is currently the hottest marketing tool that has overtaken traditional methods by far. And while there are plenty of social media platforms out there, it’s always good to remember that not all of them are ideal for your company. When strategizing, keep your target consumer and brand identity and use this information to find the platform that offers the best fit for your business.

One plan for all social media platforms

There is no ideal ‘one size fits all’ strategy that works for all social media platforms. As such, using one marketing approach for all platforms will not end well for your business. The manner in which you approach Google+ will different from that of LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. You will have to create content that’s specifically tailored for the different platforms for effective results.


The importance of creating a personal relationship with followers on social media cannot be stressed enough. However you will find marketers who fail to adhere to this golden rule. Creating personal relationships goes a long way in helping you achieve customer loyalty and build lasting relationships with consumers. When conversing with your followers, be sure to talk in the first or second person. And while at it, offer them access to special events, news and even discounts.

Posting too much or too little

Posting too many updates can clog one’s newsfeed and this quickly becomes annoying for your consumers, some of who end up unfollowing your page. On the other hand, posting few updates tends to create an impression of apathy on your part and people will move on. Ensure that you post content that is relevant to your customers as well as your brand. Post at least one update and at most three every day.

By Mark Pavelich President CEO The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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