What Are The Best Social Networks For Small Businesses?

By August 5, 2016Blogposts

You may have come across the sentiment that to successfully increase brand presence, you need to be active on all social media platforms. What many don’t understand that while this may be true, maintaining a social media presence on every platform can be challenging not to mention time consuming. For large organizations that have dedicated social media coordinators, the task is easy but the opposite is true for small businesses. So how do you go about choosing the best platforms for your small business that’s just getting started on the web? What the best social media networks? Here is a short guide by The Mark Consulting.


LinkedIn is ideal for businesses, particularly B2B service providers, as well as job seekers and recruiters. This is the best platform to use for sharing employee/employer research, company description and job postings. Here, networking with other people and organizations is everything. Make sure that your employer/employee profiles are professional and that your company profile is good.


This is the ideal platform for businesses that deal with luxury brands, personalities, fashion, food and lifestyle. Instagram lets you share visual content including pictures and short videos. Be sure to create and post content at least once every day for effective results. The best times to get the attention of your followers are during weekends, commutes, nights and breaks. Posting your content at such times will get instant attention from your followers. The only downside is that links and captions in comments aren’t effective for search purposes. Hashtags on the other hand are.


It is used by everyone ranging from individuals to multinational corporations. Twitter allows people and organizations to start, join as well as lead discussions with others directly. Some marketers call it the ‘dominant democracy of the social-sharing economy’ where brevity, personality and relevancy are the keys to getting heard. Tools like Buffer allow you to schedule content in advance thus ensuring that you are always part of the conversation.


Everyone, including grandmas, is on Facebook and they share everything ranging from ads and photos to events. Don’t make your Facebook look like an advertisement. Instead, pay to have it advertised on the platform. Post updates that inspire shares and conversations. Don’t be afraid to pose a question to your followers. Facebook allows you to build personal relationships with your followers, thus helping increase the awareness of your brand.

By Mark Pavelich CEO/President The Mark Consulting & Marketing

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